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Temperatures Asia AC Central LLC

Our Company is one of the fastest growing companies in U.A.E. dealing with, Heating and Ventilation & Air-Conditioning projects, Manufacturing & Trading of industrial chillers, Swimming pool heat pump etc.. a We understand that just providing a simple air-conditioning service does not satisfy the need of the hour anymore. It is the time where the whole world is having a new perception about the way resources are being utilized..

Temperatures Asia AC Central LLC is the heart of the Jarwan Al Shamsi Group and was established in 1987 under the name of Jarwan Al Shamsi Group of companies.The key to Temperatures Asia success has been long-term business partnerships, world-renowned products; customer focused strategies, a wide distribution network as well as professional staff and management.

We offer branded products like EZ trap, Themaflex, Freezee Chillers and Swimming pool heat pumps, Fex panels etc. Temperatures Asia is the sole agent for all the listed above in the UAE and has been associated with it since 1989. Husky is world's largest low temperature and commercial refrigeration company. With over three decades of experience offers the widest range of refrigeration products, systems and service.

This leadership has come to Temperatures Asia after decades of consistent, excellent performance and commitment to acquiring and developing contemporary technologies, awareness in environmental and energy conservation requirements, keeping the customer needs at the forefront.

It is this relentless pursuit of new technologies that has enabled the company to keep abreast of the latest technology and developments.


We have always placed th e highest premium on customer satisfaction through the quality of work that is maintained at every stage of our work and service. Part of our philosophy is that we try and understand the needs and wishes of our clients. We understand that our client needs quality services which are cost and energy efficient.


  • To deliver the highest standards in our services by treating both customers and employees with utmost respect and trust.
  • To maintain quality control at all levels of our operations for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
  • To create innovative solutions in our operations and utilize the available best advanced environment friendly technology to achieve our goal of a greener future.
  • To coordinate with all levels of staff, in order to pursue and manage any project, right from the conceptual stage to the implementation and completion of the project.

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