Process Chillers, Plastic Moulding

As our signature product, chillers for injection molding are what we do the best. Our design not only makes them extremely easy to inspect, maintain and repair, they are easily the most energy efficient and long lasting chillers on the market. The secret is an ingenuously designed and oversized condenser and stainless steel brazed plate evaporator. Not only does this mean a much longer lasting compressor, but a much more efficient one. Add a hot gas by-pass, a water flow switch, a freeze thermostat, non-rusting water piping, and you have the perfect fit for anyone who has to worry about cooling reliability and cost effectiveness. All our models can be delivered immediately from stock or 2 to 4 weeks if not in stock.


A low cost chiller often leaves out certain components that protect the chiller from breaking down and costing you time and a lot of money.. We include the following components to make sure your chiller is trouble free and long lasting.

  • Oversized Condenser - using an undersized condenser may save you some money, but is very hard on the compressor. Our oversized condensers not only make for a long lasting compressor, they are designed to operate in extreme conditions, i.e., above 115° F plant temperature and as low as -20° F ambient temperature. It is rare for a chiller to have a condenser that can operate at this ambient temperature.
  • Oversized Evaporator - our oversized evaporator is designed to operate with glycol solutions as low as -45° F, or at any temperature in between.
  • Properly Selected Compressor - our compressor matches the condenser/evaporator for the highest efficiency and lowest consumption of energy.
  • Pumps - we offer a pump that is designed to operate in high ambient temperatures as well as pumping low temperature solutions, i.e., - 45° F.
  • Stainless Steel Components - our chillers are 100% stainless steel. This includes the tank as well as the pump and frame. Some manufacturers will say that their chiller is 100% stainless steel and forget to tell you that the tank is plastic or fiberglass.
  • Liquid line solenoid - if your chiller is going to be used under extreme conditions, you should think about getting this device since it protects the compressor from migrating refrigerant.
  • Filter Dryer - this component protects your compressor from debris and other forms of contamination in the refrigeration system.
  • Hot Gas By-Pass with Shut Off Valve - this feature reduces the capacity of the chiller by approximately 60% which prevents the compressor from short cycling.
  • Crank Compressor and Heater - this component protects the compressor by boiling the refrigerant out.
  • Freeze Thermostat - this protects the evaporator from freezing in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Water Flow Switch - get this if your chiller is located in extremely cold temperatures. It protects the evaporator from freezing.
  • Evaporator Water Inlet Strainer - since most industrial environments are extremely dirty and dusty, this feature will protect the evaporator from dirt and debris in the water piping.
  • Non-Rusting Water Piping - our pipe can be plastic or stainless steel with galvanized steel fittings.