Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Our swimming pool can both cooling & heating, and the temperature can be set under the customer's request, it not just be maintained at 30 degree all the year. Our swimming pool heat pump can heat the water to 40 degree, and cooling the water to 8 degree. It can works at 50 degree. With the titanium heat exchanger, Heating and Cooling, Automatic defrosting function If you need the DC inverter, Soft Star, Stainless steel shell, we also can add it!

Some Characteristic of our pool heat pump as follow

  • Long operating life: using the patented double spiral titanium heat exchanger, which resists the erosion from chlorine in the water, creates a longer lifespan
  • Economical and high-efficiency: using heat pump technology, compared with other ordinary hot water equipment (for example, combustion oil boilers, combustion gas boilers, electronic boilers and so on), it reduces operating costs by 65-80%, In addition it creates very little pollution
  • Bright design, design flexible, small volume, easy to install,
  • Advanced controlling: parameter design, with LCD display, extremely easy to control.
  • Safety: without any touch between water and electricity, no open fire, no creep age
  • Quiet, using the high-efficiency, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, low noise fan, high quality pump, creates an extremely quiet machine
  • High efficient double-loop coil heat exchanger, make constant hot water temperature more stable and higher COP (more than 4.0)