Hotel Industry Air Conditioning

Guests feel at home. Draught-free, odour-free fresh air encourages them to linger, and they become regular customers. Modern air-conditioning systems produce the ideal climate for making guests welcome. They are designed to blend in harmoniously anywhere. In winter, air-conditioning systems with a heat pump function can provide heat, too. In well-regulated combination with the heating system, they considerably reduce your energy bills.

Individual Rooms

Comfort air conditioning for individual rooms

Mono-split air-conditioning systems for individual rooms are split into one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit.

Several Rooms

Comfort air Conditioning for several rooms

Multi-split air-conditioning systems cover several rooms. Each room has an indoor unit, and all indoor units can be individually regulated.

Large Premises

Comfort air conditioning for large premises

VRF multi-split air-conditioning systems, which cover whole floors and buildings, combine hundreds of indoor units with several outdoor ones. And the temperature of each zone can be individually regulated.