Industrial Application

A whole lot of new industries are coming up in UAE. These industries manufacture some of the best products that are sold not just in UAE but around the world. Many a companies have become UAE MNCs. All this is made possible with the quality and reliability that are inherent to these products.

For delivering a quality product, some industries require precision machining, some require gadgets to remove excess heat and some require controlled ambience. Temperatures Asia, the professionals in air conditioning in the Middle East, has developed the expertise to meet all these varying needs of the industries. Temperatures Asia has energy efficient chillers, which provide the right temperature to remove excess heat out of equipments. The equipments supplied by Temperatures Asia can maintain precise temperature and humidity in machining / fabrication areas. Temperatures Asia supplies clean rooms for various applications starting from pharmaceuticals to aero space. Temperatures Asia has supplied Chillers, which have been used at nuclear establishments cooling the most important equipments in the power generation arrangement.